While every Hackney’s restaurant features classics like the Famous Hackney Burger and Original French Fried Onions, each location is free to set their menu to reflect their own unique personality.


It’s been named “Best Burger” so many times, one magazine said they were retiring the award. The Hackneyburger is a juicy half pound of fresh ground beef grilled perfectly and served on home-baked dark rye or a fresh baked bun.

Over the years we’ve created a few tasty variations like our Bleu Cheese Burger and deliciously different Inside Out Burger with cheddar and bacon cooked right into the meat.

There are a lot of reasons we’ve managed to stay in business for seventy years. This burger is a big one.


Named one of the top three onion rings in the entire USA. Funny thing is, they’re not rings at all. Made with fresh, sweet Spanish onions and breaded with Carmen’s Special Batter, they’re a gently packed loaf of crispy, curly, crunchy goodness.

There’s nothing else like them in the Chicago area. Maybe the world.


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