Bar Options

Just as important as the menu is the bar. We have a number of ways to ensure your guests have a great time—and you stay within your budget.

Two of our party rooms are equipped with charming built-in bars with available bartender service.



Open Bar

Pretty simple. Your guests ask for a drink and our servers happily bring it. We add whatever has been ordered to the bill. If a bartender is used a fee of $50 applies to parties with less than $400 in bar sales.



Cash Bar

With this option, the price of each drink is collected from the guests. Please call for price ranges. However, our drink prices are some of the more reasonable in the area.



Package Bar

This option lets you offer your guest a drink while keeping tight control on your costs. We keep the bar open a preset number of hours and charge you a single per person price.

4 hr. – $24 plus tax & tip
3 hr. – $22 plus tax & tip
2 hr. – $20 plus tax & tip



Lake County sales tax of 7.5% will be added plus 20% gratuity to all bar items.

Party Reservations

We’d love to make your next party a great success. For booking or more information, please call 847.438.2103


Deposits / Gratuity / Sale Tax

A deposit of $200 is required to secure your reservation. ($100 if you’ve reserved half the room). This will be deducted from the final bill. All deposits are non-refundable. An 20% gratuity will be added to the bill, as well as Lake County sales Tax of 7%




Please select your menu option at least one week in advance of the party.
Guest counts must be guaranteed 24 hours in advance. The final count is the minimum number of guests for which you will be charged.

Based on the final count, your room may be subject to change. Minimum number of people for a private room is 20.

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40 – 150 guests

With pretty scenes of alpine mountains painted on the wall, this unique private room features a fireplace, and old world bar and a big dance floor.

Front Room

15 – 30 guests

Cozy booths, stained glass and a fireplace make this semi-private room a charming spot for a shower, bridge club or meeting.

Fireplace Side

15 – 30 guests

Just on the other side of our dining room’s big fireplace, this semi-private room is a lovely spot for a shower, reunion or club meeting.

Outdoor Affair

50 – 200 guests

Hackney’s boasts over 11 beautiful acres with complete with two ponds. It’s the perfect spot for a wedding or other outdoor affair. We can arrange for a tent.